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News of the Past

(Q): I installed the Update and nothing has changed.

(A): You need to be sure that you are starting the  newly installed program not last years program.

Background:  Assuming that you were successful in installing the new program, the 32 bit version of News of the Past (new) onto your hard drive in a  directory named c:\VNews, your original (old)  program may be in a directory named c:\winnews, or another name entered during the original installation.

The two program should not be combined because the technology for each program is not compatible. If you are running News of the Past by clicking  a shortcut icon on your desktop, it is most  likely running the original (old) News of the Past program.
 To be sure that you are running the newest  version of News of the Past, follow these steps:

1. Start News of the Past by clicking on Start  (lower left corner of the window) move your mouse pointer to programs, in the programs fly out, move the mouse pointer to News of the Past.

2. In the News of the Past folder click on the  News of the Past program , it has an icon that  looks like an orange fox.


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