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Problem: Error message VFP500.dll is Corrupted or Damaged

Background: Our software  is developed using the latest 32 bit program technology from Microsoft. The VFP500.dll file is a program file. If you are getting this error, you need to update your Windows system files with newer versions. Please download the appropriate  program listed below. After the file is copied  onto your hard drive, run it so the program  can update your version of windows and fix  this problem.

The  following programs come to you from Microsoft,  and they are designed to update your Windows  operating system. Updating the Windows system should correct problems running Spectrum Unlimited's  software.
 NOTE:  Please be sure to download the file that is correct for your version of Windows.

 If your system is Windows 95     Download - Dcom95.exe

If your system is Windows 98     Download - Dcom98.exe

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