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News of the past

(Q): When I print to the News of the Past preprinted  greeting form it does not line up?

(A):  Using the News of the Pasts design feature you  can make alignment adjustments.

1. Start News of the Past, type in any name and any birthday, then click once on the design button. You can identify this window by the grid you will  see in the background.

2. Along the top menu bar click on edit.

3. In the drop down menu click  select all. All elements in the print template are now selected.

4. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, click the up arrow key to move everything up or click the down arrow key to move everything down.

5. Each click of the up or down arrow key will move the text fields about 1/8 of a line. You will need to click the up or down arrow, eight times  to move the text fields one line.

6. At this point, you can go to file and choose close.  The program will ask you if you would like to  save changes. Choose yes.

7. Your News of the Past  program will then take you back to the recipient page. Here you can choose to print. You will need to create a print out to see if the changes you made were  sufficient. If not then repeat steps 1 through  7 until you achieve the right alignment.

Note:  News of the past  requires that you print out your greeting to view your adjustment. If you do not want to waist your greeting forms during  this process, we suggest that you print your greeting to plain paper.  Then hold the print out over a greeting form. And hold the print out up to the light to see if your adjustment was successful


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