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16 bit CardWare - to 32 Bit CardWare.

(Q)  I was using the 16 bit CardWare program. Now that  I installed the 32 bit CardWare program, how do I open my clients names and my saved designs?

(A)  You can import names and designs by following these steps:

1. Start CardWare by clicking on Start (lower left  corner of the window) move your mouse pointer  to programs, in the programs fly out, move the  mouse pointer to CardWare, and in the CardWare  folder click on Visual CardWare.

2. In the main window, click on Edit along the top  menu bar.

3. Place your mouse pointer on Utilities, and move  the mouse pointer to Insert News data.

4. If you have names and/or designs to import from  CardWare, click ok.

5. In the instruction window, click ok

6. In the open window, click the down arrow to the  right of the field titled "Look In".

7. In the pull down menu, click on the drive where  your CardWare program is installed
(example drive C:).

8. In the explorer window, go to the CardWare folder  (example CardWare) and double-click on the program  folder.

9. In the program folder, double-click on the folder  titled DBFS.

10.  Click on the file titled Cust.dbf, and click the  ok button.

11.  In the instruction window, click ok.

12.  In the Select Directory window, double-click on the CardWare folder (example CardWare).

13.  In the CardWare folder, click on the RPTS folder  only if you have print templates that you want  to import, otherwise click on cancel.

The  names you imported will appear in the Name List after you do a search using the search function. The names of the imported saved designs will appear  in the list of Saved Designs.


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