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News of the past

Program  Updates—what do they include - and - How can I  update the software's cost of living information  myself.

Background: Each January Spectrum Unlimited offers the users of News of the Past and CardWare yearly updated programs. The updated programs include programming changes and additional information added to the massive database files. All of the  information categories are updated, Events, Sports, and so on. One of the most important information  categories, Cost of Living, is also updated. Spectrum Unlimited sells the yearly updated programs to current users for about half the software's retail price. Yearly updated programs are complete programs and do require a previous versions present on  your computer before installation.

Note:  News of the Past and CardWare programs has a built-in database editor. Users of these programs may add, modify, or delete any information in the databases  with the database editor features. Spectrum Unlimited does not provide the information (or data) for  do-it-yourself updating, but recommends that you  seek out the information in your local library.

How  do I edit the databases?:
Start News of the Past or CardWare (depending  on the program you have). In the main window look along the top menu bar for the word edit, click  on edit. In the pull-down menu, you will find  the editors for each of the program databases.  If you would like to add information to the cost  of living category, click on Cost of Living.

In the cost of living editor, place the mouse pointer on the date field and click the left mouse button. Enter the year 1999 (or current year) and press  your keyboards Enter key. You will have a blank form come up with only category headings and no  dollar amounts. Enter a dollar sign ($) followed by an amount in each field. In the case of CardWare,  do not put a ($) sign in Dow Jones fields.

When you are finished entering your information, click  the save button. This completes cost of living   self-updating.


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