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News of the Past

Problem: I can not find the names I saved in the program. The names do not show up in the Name List. How do I bring my names back into the Name List?

Background: You can save thousands of names in News of the  Past name database. If you are working with  thousands of names, the volume would be unmanageable.  News of the Past has a feature titled Search. The search feature narrows down the list of names to just the dates you want to work.

Solution: The search option brings names from the Names database to the Name List according to search results. To perform a search, click on the Search  button in the Recipient window. In the resulting  Search window, click on one of the choices listed at left. Each choice prompts you to input a  search range.

If you would like to search on a birth date, you  may want to leave the year blank. For example, if you want everyone with a birth date in the  month of June to appear in the name list, enter  a date search like this: 06/01 to 06/31. Leaving  the year blank puts every client born in June,  regardless of the year, in the Name List.


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