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Problem: I can not find the names I saved in the program. The names do not show up in the Name List. How do I bring my names back into the Name List?

Background: You can save thousands of names in CardWare name database. If you are working with thousands of names, the volume would be unmanageable.  CardWare has a feature titled Search. The search feature narrows down the list of names to just  the dates you want to work.

Solution: The search option brings names from the Names database to the Name List according to search results. To perform a search, click on the Search  button in the Recipient window. In the resulting  Search window, click on one of the choices listed at left. Each choice prompts you to input a  search range.

If you would like to search on a birth date, you  may want to leave the year blank. For example, if you want everyone with a birth date in the  month of June to appear in the name list, enter  a date search like this: 06/01 to 06/31. Leaving  the year blank puts every client born in June,  regardless of the year, in the Name List.


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