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Backing up names and dates in CardWare

Please make regular backups of your clients  data in CardWare. Depending on the version you  have, their is button titled export (main screen, lower right corner) and/or backup. The button  labled backup in the lower right corner of the  Recipient window is on software Version 2000C or later.

All names and dates saved in CardWare are contained in a database file named cust.dbf, and require  the associated files--cust.cdx (the index file) and cust.ftp. The best way to back up CardWare is to copy these 3 files (cust.dbf, cust.cdx,  cust.ftp) onto diskettes. Otherwise, you can use features in CardWare to export customer information into a file, and in the event you  need to uninstall and reinstall CardWare, you  can import the client information back into the software from the exported file.

Backup and Restore with  CardWare - version 2000C or later.

Backing  names and dates in CardWare - version 2000C or  later.

Click  backup to make a backup. The backup button is in the recipient window located in the bottom  right corner, and is also under the menu bar option edit located along the top of window.

This process creates a backup file named backup.txt file located in the following location on your hard drive: C:\VCardWare\dbfs  file name:  backup.txt.

It is good practice to copy the backup.txt file onto  diskettes fore safekeeping incase of a major hard drive problem.

Restoring  names and dates in CardWare - version 2000C or  later.

Click  restore to restore from a backup. The restore button is in the recipient window located in the  bottom right corner, and is also under the menu bar option edit located along the top of window.

CardWare automatically looks for the file named  backup.txt located in the following location:
C:\VCardWare\dbfs  file name: backup.txt.  If you copied the backup.txt file to another location,
copy it to the C:\VCardWare\dbfs folder  otherwise the restore function will not work.

Backup and Restore with CardWare version 2000B or earlier.

This version of CardWare uses the export and import feature to make and restore backed up client information.
The following steps walk you though searching  and selecting names for export.

1. In the recipient window, click CardWare's search button and click on birth date. Enter the following  search range 01/01(no year) to 12/31(no year) and click search. All names with a birth date  will appear in the name list.

2. Click the mark all button to put'X' marks at  each name, and click the export button, located  in the lower right area of the recipient window.  A window opens giving you the opportunity to enter  a name and location.

3. Repeat this process for names saved using dates  under Anniversary and On This Day, and give each  file a different name.

This process exports your clients with dates ranging from 01/01 to 12/31 be exported to a file on your hard drive or diskette. Please know that the file  name will end with .txt

Restoring  names and dates in CardWare -Version2000B or earlier.

1. Click the button titled import located in the  lower-right corner of the Recipient window. In the import-search window, find the file you exported from CardWare. The file should have a text (.txt) extension on the end. When you find the file,  place the mouse pointer on the file name and double-click  the left mouse button.

2. The map window will open listing CardWare's database fields on the left column, your chosen content  in the middle column, and selected fields in the  right column. One by one, click on a CardWare  category (left column) your file's field (center  column) that matches the type of data you need  to insert into CardWare and click the add button after each pair is matched up.

3. When you are finished matching the information,  click the import now button.

If the center column in the mapping window is  blank, click the next record button through the  blank entries until the first record is listed.

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