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Backing up names and dates
These instructions apply to News of the Past, CardWare, Canadian CardWare

If you don?t find what you are looking for, please search our Knowledge Base

Please make regular backups of your clients data. CardWare and News of the Past have a button titled backup on the main recipient window located in the lower right corner. Clicking backup saves all names and dates.

When you enter a name into the software, and click the add name to list button, the name and date is saved in 3 files -- cust.dbf, cust.cdx, cust.ftp. When you click backup these files are backed up in a single text file named backup.txt. This text file can be copied onto a disk for safe keeping.

Here is where you will find the three customer data files and your backup file named backup.txt after clicking backup.

News of the Past -- c:\vnews\dbfs

CardWare -- c:\vcardware\dbfs

Restoring names and dates

In the unlikely event you have technical support issues with your software requiring you to un-install using Windows add/remove programs tool in Windows control panel, then you reinstalled the software---if you clicked your backup button before the problem first occurred, clicking the restore button after the program is reinstalled will restore names and birth dates from the backup.txt file.

The restore  button is in the recipient window located in the bottom right corner, and is also under the menu bar option titled edit located along the top of window.

Restore looks for the backup.txt file in this location:

News of the Past -- c:\vnews\dbfs

CardWare -- c:\vcardware\dbfs

If you moved the backup.txt file onto a diskette or other location, before clicking restore simply copy the backup.txt text file to the following location so restore will find it.

News of the Past -- c:\vnews\dbfs

CardWare -- c:\vcardware\dbfs


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