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News of the past

                     No information is printing.
                     Printing  blank pages.

CardWare and News of the Past uses Windows Printer Drivers for printing. Making sure that the correct  printer driver is used should correct this printing problem. Please follow these steps to determine if CardWare or News of the Past software is pointing to the right printer.
To select another printer  driver, follow these steps.

1. Run CardWare (or News of the Past.) Click on the menu option named File, and from the file drop  down menu click on Printer Setup.

2. Please look at the name of the current printer driver, and verify that it is indeed the printer you want to print to. If the program is pointing to the wrong printer, click on the down arrow  on the right side of the printer name field, and pick the correct printer from the drop down list.

3. If you are currently set to the correct printer  driver, more testing is required. For testing purpose, try clicking on another printer driver, perhaps another driver for the same printer if present. The purpose for this test is to see if  the program is conflicting with a currently selected printer driver.

4. When you find a printer driver that works with the software, you will need to re-select this  driver every time you print from CardWare or News  of the Past because CardWare and News of the Past  automatically defaults to your computers default  printer. If your default printer does not work  with this software, you need to re-select the printer driver that will work.

5. You can change the default printer. Access to  changing the default computer printer is done in the printer folder. You can locate the printer  folder by clicking on the My Computer icon, located  on the desktop?upper left corner. Then open the printer folder. In the printer folder you can select another default printer if necessary.


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