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Error message: Foxprow - An error has occurred in your software -.
This error generally will happen when you are  starting CardWare, and if you click the ignore button, you can continue using the program.

Other  problems:
System Freezes or missing information.
It is possible that the CardWare program version is not compatible with the windows operating system on your computer.
Spectrum Unlimited has two CardWare programs in the marketplace.  A 16 bit version, and a 32 bit version. The 16  bit CardWare program is for windows 3.1. The 32 bit CardWare program is for all other windows  operating systems.

To identify the program you have, look at the icon  used to run CardWare. If the icon has two human faces on it, you have the 16 bit version. An orange  fox icon indicates a 32 bit version.

If you need to upgrade the CardWare program to a  version compatible with your operating system,  this can be done without charge if you purchased  CardWare within 90 days of a request for a free replacement program. Proof of purchase is required.  Send your proof of purchase to Spectrum Unlimited with your request for a replacement program.

Spectrum Unlimited's fax number is 415-647-7876. Mailing  address: Spectrum Unlimited, 2261 Market Street, #276, San Francisco CA 94114.

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