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News of the past

In the cost of living section of the printout, under the category "Average Income" numbers print  without a title.

A new cost of living category was added to the program named Dow Jones. The numbers you see printing are for the Dow Jones category. The print template you are using does not have the Dow Jones heading  on the template. This could have happened if you  imported print templates from an earlier version  of News of the Past--before Dow Jones was added to the software.

Try printing with the certificate birthstone on, and try printing with the certificate birthstone off. You might find that sometimes the Dow Jones heading will print. If the Dow Jones heading is not printing, you can click on the design button and add the words Dow Jones directly to the print  template using the text tool (A icon), it goes under the words average income.

But to be sure you will have this problem taken care of, please download  a replacement 2001 News of the Past update from  our web site. If you need the software on diskette,  please email us Mail let us know the name used for the order so we  can look it up. Also, please include your name, phone number, mailing address, and a replacement program will be mailed within 24 hours.

To download a replacement  program, go to - news21.exe Download Now
When you download news21.exe a window will open  asking if you want to save to disk, say yes, this  refers to your hard drive. The file named news21.exe  will copy to your hard drive. When finished, you will need to locate and run the file named news21.exe.  To locate the file, you might have to click on  start, go to find, and click on find files or folders, and enter news21.exe and click find now.  When the file appears in the list, double-click on the file to run it. 

Contact Spectrum Unlimited LLC for authorized to be given a password to install this product.


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