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News of the past

You installed the 2003 News of the Past program  update and information is missing

The program installer looks at your  file  dates before overwriting the files with new database files, and in some cases your files might have newer dates then the updated files. This can occur  if you simply used News of the Past after the date 12/12/2002. This is a known windows/installer  issue and we are actively researching corrective solutions. 

If you do not have names or custom designs saved in the program.
1. Run News of the Past and click the
redwordbackup in lower right  corner of recipient window.
2. Please un-install the original program. To  un-install, go to windows control panel and use  the Add/Remove feature and un-install each News of the Past entry. 
3. Install the file you originally downloaded  from the web to install 2003 News of the Past.  (see file name reference below)

If you have names and/or designs saved in your News of the Past program.
1. Run News of the Past and click the
red wordbackup in lower right corner of recipient window.
2. Re-name the hard drive folder containing News of the Past vnews  to vnewsold.
3. Install the file your originally downloaded from the web to install 2003 News of the Past (see file name reference below)
4. Run the new program. Click edit and go down to utilities, then click insert News of the Past  or CardWare data. It lets you navigate to the old program and import the names and/or saved designs.

File Name Reference:
Online sales download file is named: news23a.exe (no password required)
Support page ( http://www.clientbirthday.com/download.htm  ) 2003 replacement file is named  nsetup.exe.  This file can be downloaded anytime. Password for this file is 3141.


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