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Specially Prepared for
Al Gore Jr. 


Al Gore was born on Wednesday. Wednesday was named to honor Wodan, the Teutonic and Norse god and the planet Mercury.

"Wednesday's child is sour and sad..." 


Al Gore's birthstone is Aquamarine, a water-clear gem symbolizing youth and fidelity.  It accompanied seafarers. According to myth, these jewels were strewn from nymph's treasure chests by sea horses.

Born under the sign of the Ram, he is a pusher who can get things done.  He is courageous, assertive, self-reliant and incisive, which makes him a natural leader.  Continue to take on new challenges.  His best color is gold. 

Famous Rams include Sandra Day O'Connor, Albert Gore and Elton John.

Events of this Month Sports Highlights

In Washington, D.C., the Senate praises Sen. Vandenberg for requesting that the effort to grant relief for Europe be increased in order to avert a third world war. The Supreme Court dissolves the New York state law prohibiting the sale of books of crime, lust and bloodshed.  In Berlin, Western powers agree to internationalize the Ruhr.  Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich is forced to leave his position at the Moscow Conservatory.

The Cleveland Indians win the World Series in the sixth game against Boston Braves. The Chicago Bears shut out the Philadelphia Eagles 7-0 to win the NFL Championship.  Baltimore defeats Philadelphia to win the NBA title. Citation, ridden by Eddie Arcaro,  wins the Kentucky Derby.  Arcaro has won four Kentucky Derbies.  Toronto beats Detroit to capture the Stanley Cup in hockey. Boxing legend Joe Louis KO's Joe Walcott after 11 rounds.  In the world of chess, Mikhail Bolvinnick of the USSR claims the title of world champion.

Events for the Day Then Vs New cost of Living Comparisions

On March 31:  Today is Transfer Day, a holiday in the Virgin Islands commemorating the purchase of the islands by the U. S. from Denmark in 1917.  On this date in 1918, daylight saving time goes into effect.  The first dance marathon begins in New York City at 6:57 p.m. in the Audobon Ballroom.  The winner, Alma Cummings, danced for 27 continuous hours and tired out six dance partners. In 1933, the first U. S. Civilian Conservation Corps is authorized. 

In 1948, a gallon of milk sold for$0.86, a loaf of bread sold for $0.14, a new car sold for $1,550.00, a gallon of gas sold for $0.20, and a new house sold for $13,500.00. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was about 177.30.

Now in 2000, the average price for a gallon of milk is $3.24 a loaf of bread is $1.72,, a new car is $17,695.00 a gallon of gas is $1.26, a new house is $134,120.00, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is about 11,250.14 

The average wage earner in 1948 made $2,854.00 per year, compared to $21,951.28 today.

Science and Technology President and Vice-President

Amelia Peabody sponsors the first house to be completely heated by solar power, in Dover, MA.  The Army announces that Chuck Yeager has become the first person to break the speed of sound in flight.

When Al Gore was born, Harry S Truman was president and there was no vice president.

After only a few weeks as vice president, Truman had the presidency thrust upon him by Roosevelt's sudden death.  "Pray for me, boys," he said at a press conference.   Truman vowed to carry on Roosevelt's policies.

Entertainment News Movies

The first long playing records, LPs, are introduced this year and immediately become the industry standard.  Judy Garland and Fred Astaire star in MGM's "Easter Parade," featuring the song "Easter Parade."  Other songs coming across the air waves this year are "Buttons and Bows" and "You Call Everybody Darling." 

"Hamlet"- Produced by Universal International won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1948.  Also this year, the Academy Award for Best Actor went to Laurence Olivier for his role in  "Hamlet" and the Best Actress Award went to Jane Wyman for her role in "Johnny Belinda". 

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