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Customized Greetings Build Strong Client Relationships

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    With salespeople losing as much as 30 percent of their clients annually, client retention is vital to your  long-term business strategy. In fact, studies have shown that raising customer retention rates by 5% can increase the value of an average customer by 25%  - 100%. A well-planned retention program will reward  your efforts especially when your business depends on policy renewals, client referrals, and customer satisfaction. 
  • Long-term  business relationships are built on regular contact with clients to keep you top-of-mind. The next time your client is up for a renewal, ask yourself--did I take all the steps required to keep their business? Remembering a birthday may seem like a small detail, but you can use this opportunity to nurture a stronger bond with your client. 
  • Our software strengthens  client loyalty with personalized greetings. Each greetings assure your clients that you appreciate their business, and it sets you apart from the competition. 

Our birthday greetings are:

Cost effective - make an impression on customers for only pennies per greeting.
Easy - simply enter a name and birth date.
Fast - takes only seconds to stay in touch.
Memorable and fun - clients will share your greeting with friends and colleagues.
Customizable - use Cardware to highlight your company's  identity

  • The one thing I'd recommend to a sales force
    is to attempt to own something that's proprietary, then
    the sale is made in the customer's mind and heart.
    Therefore we need to decide what we want the
    customer to think about.

  •  Dr. David Shore
    Harvard University


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