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Specially Prepared for
Lucille Ball

Birthday Report for August 6th, 1911

BirthStone Peridot BirthSign Leo

Events of the Month for Lucille Ball  

When Lucille Ball entered the world, these stories made the front page of the nation's newspapers: Rumors spread throughout Europe that France and Germany are about to declare war over their dispute in Morocco. In Lisbon, Portugal elects Arriaga as the first constitutional president of the republic. Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to earn a pilot's license in the United States. Quimby is a student at the Moisant Aviation School and the second woman in the world to hold a pilot's license.  


Entertainment News for the year Lucille Ball was born

Audiences were applauding these developments in the entertainment industry when Lucille Ball was an infant. Two future stars get their starts this year, Al Jolson makes his New York stage debut in La Belle Paree and Cole Porter's football rally song Bulldog! Bulldog! Bow, Wow, Wow becomes a Yale standard. Across the country ragtime dances such as the turkey- trot, walking the dog and kangaroo dip become popular.

Popular Music when Lucille Ball was born.

When Lucille Ball was rocking in a cradle, these songs were topping the music charts: Back in 1911, the popular songs were: All Alone performed by Will Dillon; Baby Rose performed by Louis Weslyn; Daly's Reel sung by J.M. Daly; as well as Honey-Love by Jack Drislane. Also topping the musical charts: Jimmy Valentine by Edward Madden; Ragtime Violin by Irving Berlin; The Oceana Roll by Roger Lewis; and the ever popular When You're Away by Seymour Brown.

Movie News for the year Lucille Ball was born.

While Lucille Ball was discovering how to stand up, The Academy gave a standing ovation to these movies and actors: Art- Ronoir Painted 'Gabrielle with a Rose.' won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1911. Also this year, the Academy Award for Best Actor went to Film for his role in 'Anna Karenina'-Russian 'Spartacus'- Italian and the Best Actress Award went to Music for her role in Irving Berlin - 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'.

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