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Specially Prepared for
Lucinda Williams

Birthday Report for January 26th, 1953

BirthStone Garnet BirthSign Aquarius

Events of the Month for Lucinda Williams  

When Lucinda Williams entered the world, these stories made the front page of the nation's newspapers: President Eisenhower announces a few days after his inauguration that he plans to pull the Seventh Fleet out of Formosa to allow the nationalists to attack communist China. In other news, the U.S. Department of Agriculture establishes standards that allow Swiss cheese to be produced with smaller holes. Vladimir Horowitz celebrates his silver jubilee with the New York Philharmonic. In Paris, Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" makes its stage debut.  


Entertainment News for the year Lucinda Williams was born

Audiences were applauding these developments in the entertainment industry when Lucinda Williams was an infant. The perfect year for a Roman Holiday. Starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn this Cinderella type romance still wins the hearts of those who see it. On the more dramatic side Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Wagner star in Titanic. The nation sings along to songs Doggie in the Window aPopular Music when Lucinda Williams was born.at's Amore.


When Lucinda Williams was rocking in a cradle, these songs were topping the music charts: Back in 1953, the popular songs were: I Believe performed by Frankie Laine; No Other Love performed by Perry Como; O Mein Papa sung by Eddie Fisher; as well as Oh' by Pee Wee Hunt. Also topping the musical charts: Pretend by Nat King Cole; Rags to Riches by Tony Bennett; Tell Me You're Mine by Gaylords; and the ever popular You,you,you by The Ames Brothers.

Movie News for the year Lucinda Williams was born.

While Lucinda Williams was discovering how to stand up, The Academy gave a standing ovation to these movies and actors: 'From Here To Eternity'- Directed by Fred Zinnemann won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1953. Also this year, the Academy Award for Best Actor went to William Holden for his role in 'Stalag 17' and the Best Actress Award went to Audrey Hepburn for her role in 'Roman Holiday'.

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