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Specially Prepared for
Marisa Tomei

Birthday Report for April 12th, 1964

BirthStone Diamond BirthSign Aries

Events of the Month for Marisa Tomei  

When Marisa Tomei entered the world, these stories made the front page of the nation's newspapers: In Washington, D.C., President Johnson studies the need for a military draft. The United States and Panama decide to re-establish diplomatic relations. The United States and the Soviet Union agree to sign a treaty that will decrease the production of fissionable material for weapons. In New York, Michelangelo's "Pieta" is exhibited at the World's Fair. In Havana, Cuban President Fidel Castro announces that Cuba will shoot at U.S. reconnaissance planes flying over Cuba. German Geraldine Mock becomes the first woman to fly solo around the world.  


Entertainment News for the year Marisa Tomei was born

Audiences were applauding these developments in the entertainment industry when Marisa Tomei was an infant. It's the year of the Beatles, as America is introduced to the latest singing sensations with their first hit song I Want To Hold Your Hand. On Broadway two big hits get their starts Hello, Dolly! and Fiddler on the Roof. On the music charts we're listening to Come See About Me, Do Wah Diddy Diddy and Oh Pretty Woman.

Popular Music when Marisa Tomei was born.

When Marisa Tomei was rocking in a cradle, these songs were topping the music charts: Back in 1964, the popular songs were: Come See about Me performed by The Supremes; Hello, Dolly performed by Louis Armstrong; I Get Around sung by The Beach Boys; as well as I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles. Also topping the musical charts: Leader of the Pack by The Shangra-Las; Love Me Do by The Beatles; My Guy by Mary Wells; and the ever popular The House Of The Rising Sun by Animals.

Movie News for the year Marisa Tomei was born.


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