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Built-In Birthday Milestone Tool Keeps Greetings Fresh with New Content !

News of the Past Professional and CardWare include a feature titled Birthday Milestone. News of the Past also offers Anniversary Milestones. When you send greetings year-after-year to the same people you want to avoid being redundant. That's why we include the Milestone feature. In subsequent years you can focus the greetings on different dates.

Using birthdays as our example, simply enter the date of birth and set the program to print information highlighting when the client turned 4 years old, or 16, or 8 years old, any age you like.

Privatizing Clients Date of Birth
News of the Past Professional and CardWare, printing clients date of birth can be turned off and not print on greetings.

Set the Birthday Milestone and the software holds that setting and automatically adjusts the printed results for each greeting you print.

Example: The first year sending News of the Past or CardWare greetings, focus the greetings on what happened when the client was born. In following years select a birthday milestone button, 4th Birthday for example. On the report the software prints the following heading:

Turning back the clock to your 4th birthday


Anniversary Milestone Greetings

Additionally, News of the Past Professional lets you turn back the clock to an earlier Anniversary. An example heading would be:

Turning back the clock to your 10 Anniversary

No Year of Birth Milestone Greetings

In some cases the only data you have for a client is the month and day of birth, not the complete date with year. News of the Past Professional lets you use partial date consisting of a month and day (no year). With the month and day entered, click print, and a window opens letting you pick a past year. If you click 20th birthday, the software prints the greeting and ads the following heading:

Turning back the clock to your 20th birthday

The program is using the month and day of birth, then calculates the correct year corresponding to exactly 20 years ago when the client had his or her 20th birthday celebration.

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