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Specially Prepared for
Paul McCartney
British Rock Star
Born June 18, 1942, Liverpool, England.


Paul McCartney was born on Thursday.

Thursday, named to honor Thor, the Norse god of Thunder and the planet Jupiter. "Thursday's child is merry and glad..."


Paul McCartney's birthstone is the pearl. The pearl, an irridescent white or pastel jewel, has been a symbol of wealth, wisdomand prestige for ages. Ancientswore pearls to win favor of the
goddess Venus.

Paul McCartney is a Gemini. 

Born under the sign of the Twins, you tend to have a keen imagination and a changeable personality.  You are known for your mental versatility and hunger for knowledge.  Geminis make splendid statesmen, politicians, leaders and writers.  Your favorite colors are blues and yellows.  Famous Geminis include Walt Whitman, John F. Kennedy and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

Events of this Month Sports Highlights

In Washington, D.C., the Senate praises Sen. Vandenberg for requesting that the effort to grant relief for Europe be increased in order to avert a third world war. The Supreme Court dissolves the New York state law prohibiting the sale of books of crime, lust and bloodshed.  In Berlin, Western powers agree to internationalize the Ruhr.  Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich is forced to leave his position at the Moscow Conservatory.

The Cleveland Indians win the World Series in the sixth game against Boston Braves. The Chicago Bears shut out the Philadelphia Eagles 7-0 to win the NFL Championship.  Baltimore defeats Philadelphia to win the NBA title. Citation, ridden by Eddie Arcaro,  wins the Kentucky Derby.  Arcaro has won four Kentucky Derbies.  Toronto beats Detroit to capture the Stanley Cup in hockey. Boxing legend Joe Louis KO's Joe Walcott after 11 rounds.  In the world of chess, Mikhail Bolvinnick of the USSR claims the title of world champion.

Events for the Day Then Vs New cost of Living Comparisions

Maj. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower is appointed to command the United States forces in Europe.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt meet in Washington, D.C. and agree to open a second front in Europe.  The U.S. government begins a nationwide campaign to salvage and conserve rubber. Japanese submarines shell Newcastle, Australia.  Great Britain and Germany engage in a major tank battle in Libya.  Italian leader Benito Mussolini travels to Libya survey the battle.  The Mexican government declares war on the Axis powers.

St. Louis wins the World Series four games to one over last year's winner, the New York Yankees.  The Redskins defeat the Bears 14-6 for the NFL Championship.  Stanford wins the NCAA basketball Championship over Dartmouth.  Roger Hornsby is named to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  The American League beats national League 3-1 in the All-Star game.  Shut-Out wins the Kentucky Derby.   Boxing great Joe Louis KO's Buddy Baer in the first round, and in a later bout, KO's Abe Simon in the sixth round.  In the world of chess,  Alexander  A. Alekhine of France continues to hold the world title for a fifth year.

Science and Technology President and Vice-President

Adeline Gray makes the first parachute jump using a nylon parachute. The University of Chicago demonstrates the first self-sustaining nuclear chain-reaction.

When Paul McCartney was born, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president and Henry Wallace was vice president. 

Democrats renominated FDR. Franklin Roosevelt was the only president elected more than twice. Paralyzed by polio in 1921, Roosevelt learned to walk with braces and canes.

Entertainment News Movies

Irving Berlin's "Holiday Inn" introduces the song "White Christmas," a top hit this year and an all time classic.  Another classic this year is "Casablanca" starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Other songs at the top of the charts this year include "Jingle Jangle Jingle" and "That Old Black Magic."

"Mrs. Miniver"- Directed by William Wyler won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1942.  Also this year, the Academy Award for Best Actor went to James Cagney for his role in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and the Best Actress Award went to Greer Garson for her role in "Mrs. Miniver".

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