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Paula Prentis
Born March 4, 1939, San Antonio, TX, USA


Paula Prentis was born on a Tuesday. Tuesday, named to honor Tiw, an old Teutonic deity and the planet Mars.

"Tuesday's child is full of grace..."


Paula Prentis's birthstone is the Diamond. The Diamond is a blue-white, glittering jewel symbolizing happiness.

This "fragment of eternity" is said to free the spirit from anxiety and make the owner invincible.

Paula was born under the sign of the Ram. She is a pusher who can get things done. She is courageous, assertive, self-reliant and incisive, which makes her a natural leader. Continue to take on new challenges. Her best color is gold. Famous Rams include Sandra Day 'Connor, Albert Gore and Elton John.

Events of this Month Sports Highlights

The headline news events for the month Paula Prentis was born. The American Civil Liberties Union defends Nazis' rights to distribute propaganda in the United States. President Roosevelt turns down an offer by Adolf Hitler to meet at sea. Meanwhile, President Roosevelt officially recognizes the Franco regime in Spain. The Soviet Union proposes a military alliance with Great Britain and France. Albert Lebrun is elected president of France. In other news, Japan and the Soviet Union agree to a pact that establishes new fishing rights. Hungary decides to resign from the League of Nations.

The New York Yankees win the World Series in four games against the Cincinnati Reds. Oregon defeats Ohio State to win the NCAA basketball championship. The Boston Bruins clinch hockey's Stanley Cup. Robert Riggs wins the men's singles title at Wimbledon, and Alice Marble wins the women's title. In the NFL playoffs this year, Green Bay pounds on New York, 27-0.

Events for the Day Then Vs New cost of Living Comparisions

On April 4: Today is the anniversary of the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949. It's also Liberation Day in Hungary, commemorating when, in 1945, the last German soldier was driven from Hungary. In Massachusetts, Student Government Day is observed. On this date in 1963, the first athelete to be enshrined in two halls of fame is Robert Hubbard, when he is elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He entered the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976.

In 1939, a gallon of milk sold for $.49, a loaf of bread sold for $.08, a new car sold for $750.00, a gallon of gas sold for $.15, and a new house sold for $6,416.00. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was about 150.24. 

Now in 2000, the average price for a gallon of milk is $3.24a loaf of bread is $1.72, a new car is $17,695.00 a gallon of gas is $1.26, a new house is $134,120.00, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is about 11,250.14. The average wage earner in 1939 made $1,231.00 per year, compared to $21,951.28 today.

Science and Technology President and Vice-President

Julian S. Kahn receives a patent for his invention of a can for dispensing things under pressure, for example whipped cream or bug spray. The first direct-lift helicopter makes its maiden flight.

Franklin D. Roosevelt/John N. Garner On this date, Franklin Roosevelt of New York was president and John N. Garner was vice president. The Democrats won the election of 1932 by blaming the Republicans for the Great Depression. Roosevelt pledged to help the "forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid."Franklin Roosevelt was the only president elected more than twice. Paralyzed by polio in 1921, Roosevelt learned to walk with braces and canes.

Entertainment News Movies

Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh give us "Gone with the Wind" this year. The film wins Oscars in all of the major categories except for Best Actor, ten total, with Hattie McDaniel as Best Supporting Actress becoming the first black Oscar winner. Also this year, Judy Garland stars in "The Wizard of Oz" giving us hit song "Over the Rainbow."

"Gone With The Wind"- Directed by Victor Fleming won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1939. Also this year, the Academy Award for Best Actor went to Robert Donat for his role in "Goodbye Mr. Chips" and the Best Actress Award went to Vivien Leigh for her role in "Gone with the Wind".

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