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Specially Prepared for
Ron Howard
Actor, Film Producer
Born March 1, 1954, Duncan, Oklahoma, USA.


Ron Howard was born on a Monday. The weekday Monday was named to honor the moon.

"Monday's child is fair of face..."


Ron Howard's birthstone is the Aquamarine. Aquamarines are water-clear gems symbolizing youth and fidelity. It accompanied seafarers. According to myth, these strewn from nymph's treasure chests by sea horses.

Born under the sign of the Fishes, Ron Howard is spiritually inclined. His best traits are compassion and generosity. Mr. Howard will take a risk to help someone else. He loves beauty and may be artistic. Pisces is influenced by its natural element water, so your best colors are greens, violet, silver and white. Famous people born under Pisces are George Washington, Michelangelo and John Steinbeck.

Events of this Month Sports Highlights

Events for the month when Ron Howard was born. President Eisenhower calls Sen. Joseph McCarthy a "plague" to the Republican Party. The Atomic Energy Commission awards the city of Pittsburgh a contract to construct the first nuclear plant to produce more than 60,000 kilowatts. In other news, the Soviet government offered to join NATO if Western nations joined the Soviet European security treaty. In London, the British government begins trade talks with Hungary.

The New York Giants take the World Series in four games over the Cleveland Indians. Detroit defeats Montreal to win hockey's Stanley Cup.  Roger Bannister breaks the four-minute mile barrier (runs 3:59:40). Maureen Connolly wins the women's tennis title at Wimbledon. Babe Didrikson wins her third U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship. In the NBA, Minneapolis beats New York to retain the championship for the third straight year.  In the NFL,  Cleveland routs Detroit, 56-10.  Rocky Marciano defeats Ezzard Charles twice this year, ending Charles' career. Determine wins the Kentucky Derby.

Events for the Day Then Vs New cost of Living Comparisions

On March 1: Southerners are celebrating the Cotton Carnival with cotton-fabric style shows, parades and dances. In Lanarkshire, Scotland, people are whooping it up on Whuppity Scoorie Day, a festival using the ancient custom of noisemaking to drive away evil spirits and protect crops for the new season. On this date in 1961, President John Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps. Yellowstone National Park is set aside in 1872 as a national park. The first U. S. census begins in 1790.

In 1954, a gallon of milk sold for $.92, a loaf of bread sold for $.17, a new car sold for $1,950.00, a gallon of gas sold for $.21, and a new house sold for $22,000.00. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was about 404.39. 

Now in 2000, the average price for a gallon of milk is $3.24a loaf of bread is $1.72, a new car is $17,695.00 a gallon of gas is $1.26, a new house is $134,120.00, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is about 11,250.14 The average wage earner in 1954 made $3,960.00 per year, compared to $21,951.28 today.

Science and Technology President and Vice-President

Bell Telephone Labs announce the invention of a solar battery that could last forever. The United Sound and Signal Co. manufactures NewsVend, the first vending machine to dispense individual papers.

On this date, Dwight Eisenhower was president and Richard M. Nixon was vice president. Eisenhower won the 1952 election by promising to kick out crooks and communists in Washington. 

"Ike," the last war hero president, grew up in Kansas.  He graduated from West Point, and was the first U.S. five-star general and Supreme Allied Commander, taking the German surrender in 1945.

Entertainment News Movies

Frank Sinatra makes a comeback this year in "From Here to Eternity." Marlon Brando wins the Best Actor Oscar for the classic "On the Waterfront." And Judy Garland stars in her last big musical "A Star is Born." Meanwhile, the mambo is the latest dance craze to sweep the nation bringing with it the song "Papa Loves Mambo."

"On The Waterfront"- Directed by Elia Kazan won the Best Movie Academy Award in 1954. Also this year, the Academy Award for Best role in  "On the Waterfront" and the Best Actress Award went to Grace Kelly for her role in "The Country Girl". 

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