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Please remember to backup CardWare on a regular basis.

(Q): How can I import my client names and birth dates from my other software into CardWare?

(A): You need to first export names and birth dates from your "other" software then import that information  into CardWare.

Please follow these steps to import:
You will first need to export the names and dates  you intend to import into CardWare from your contact management software. Refer to the user instructions  for your contact management software for instructions  on how to export names and birth dates to the compatible ASCII comma-delimited text file format needed to import into CardWare.

NOTE: To import name and date information into CardWare you first need an ASCII comma-delimited file exported from the software you use to maintain your customer data.

The  file must conform to the following format:

  • The name of the file you export must not  have more then 6 characters
  • The file name must end with the extension .txt.
  • The file name must not include any spaces in the file name.
  • The file location should be on the root directory of c: drive (c:\your file) or imbedded (copied to) no more then 2 directories  in depth-example c:\folder 1. \ folder 2. (folder 2 contains your file.)

Using the import-search window, find the file  you exported from your client software. When you find the file, place the mouse pointer on the  file name and double-click the left mouse button.  The Map window will open listing Cardware fields,  and your chosen text file information. Match Cardware fields to the appropriate fields in your text  file. One by one, click on a Cardware heading,  and then click on your files Field that matches  CardWare's heading. Click the Add button after each pair is matched up. When you are finished matching your text files information to CardWare's headings, click the Import Now button.

The  following steps guide you through the process of importing names into Cardware.

1. Click on the button in the Recipient windows titled  Import.

2. Using the search window, locate the file ending  with the extension .txt on your hard drive, click  on it once, then click the Open button.

3. Match your text file categories one at a time  with the appropriate Cardware categories, and  click the Add button.

4. When ready, click the Import Now button.

5. The import window closes and the name list should  be empty. To bring names into the name list, click  the Search button and do a search.

Avoiding duplicates.
Each time you import names into CardWare, the  import process adds names and birth dates to CardWare. If the names you are importing are already saved in CardWare's database, you will get duplicate  records.

Backing  up your client names and birth dates.(32 bit visual CardWare)
The names and dates you save in CardWare are saved into a file named Cust.dbf. This database file contains all of your customer information in CardWare. The default database file location in CardWare is c:\VCardware\dbfs\ (Canadian CardWare is c:\VCanCard\dbfs\) When backing up your customer information you  need to make a copy of three files.

These  three files are needed when you backup and restore  your customer information.

  • Cust.dbf (database file)
  • Cust.ftp (database structure file)
  • Cust.cdx (index file)
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