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Please remember to backup your client names  and birth dates regularly!

Problem:  You start to print and get the error message saying that
you have completed an illegal  operation and the printing stops

You  input 4 or more names into the name list, mark  all for printing, and click print. One or two print then an error message appears stating that I have completed an illegal operation and the  printing stops.  If I completely close down the computer and reboot, a message comes up saying  I have several printing jobs left.

Background:  The print jobs are sent to the print spooler, but somewhere in the process of handing each report to the printer, the printer driver encounters  a problem. Please try each of the following solutions  to resolve this problem.

Option number 1 suggests that you check for low hard  disk drive space. Option 2 suggested that you check for printer driver memory conflicts. And option number 3 suggests that you try printing with your printer off line.

Option 1. Check for low hard drive space.
Please check that you are not running  low on hard rive space. Please verify that you  have at least 10 Megs of free hard drive space. If hard drive space is not the problem, see option  2.

Option 2. Check for memory conflicts.
Our software must be conflicting with your printer driver. Try using another printer  driver for your printer. If you have a color printer,  you might have more than one printer driver installed for your printer. Running News of the Past, Click  on file (upper left corner) and click Print Setup. Click on the down arrow on the right of the printer  name field, and from the list of installed printer  drivers, click on another printer driver. Print  some samples and see if this corrects the problem.  If it does, you may need to remember to use the  substitute printer driver for future print jobs,  because News of the Past will automatically return to the default printer as selected in the printer  folder. If this does not help, please see option  3.

Option 3. Printing with printer offline.
Try putting your printer on pause, then run News of the Past and send print jobs  to the printer driver while your printer is off line, then close News of the Past and release  the printer pause whereby letting the print jobs  go to the printer with News of the Past turned off. This option sometimes works if the problem  with printing is related to a major memory conflict with another program on your computer.

Printing with News of the Past turned off.
(Applies if you are printing one greeting, or more using the name list option.)

1. Click windows Start button (lower left corner),  move the mouse pointer to Settings, and click  Printers.

2. Double click the left mouse button on the default  printer?it?s the printer with a black circle with  check mark on it to open the printer settings window.

3. Looking along the top menu bar, find the word  Printer?click it, and from the pull down menu, click on Pause Printing This puts a check mark next to the menu option?pause printing.

4. Minimize the printer driver window, run News of  the Past, mark names in the name list, click print?then  close News of the Past.

5. Open the printer driver window (as described in  steps 1 ? 3 above) click on Pause Printing whereby un-checking that feature and releasing the printer driver to un-spool the print jobs to the printer.


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